Accelerate Your
Business Growth

Grow Your Recurring Revenue Fast Without Giving Up Control

  • Preserve equity as we provide debt customized to your business
  • Retain control of your board seats and retain your say in how you run your business
  • Maximize your flexibility with no financial covenants
  • From a maxiumum of $5,000,000 to $15,000,000 in growth capital
  • Simple terms. Simple documentation. Simple execution.
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Helping Grow Companies

  • SaaSSaaS Financing
  • TSTech Services
  • TTelecom
  • DCData Centers
  • ISPRural Internet Service Providers
  • IoTInternet of Things
  • PaaSPlatform as a Service
  • DMDigital Media

How To Use the Extra Growth Capital

  • cash
    Sales and Marketing
  • programming
    Development Software
  • technology
  • product deleopment
    Product Development
  • Capital
    Aquisition Capital

Simple Qualifications

Annualized recurring revenue in excess of $100,000 per month
Higher Gross Profit (typically in excess of 50%)
Proven business model entering growth mode
Good cash flow in maintenance or low growth mode
Quantifiable SaaS Metrics
Product-Market Fit

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Compare RevTek With Other Funding Sources


Banks Won't lend to early stage companies

Not enough

Not enough Cash Flow

Not enough Profit

Can't get the deal approved internally


Very Expensive / Highly Dilutive

Founders lose control of Business

Give up Board Seats

40% + IRR expectations

4-6 months to close funding

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Lowest cost of capital available

Founders keep control
Revenue is collateral

Founders keep board seats
Revenue is cash

Affordable monthly payments
Profit not necessary

Close within 4 weeks
NOT months

REVTEK Capital provides the lowest cost, quickest solution funding early stage emerging growth companies with recurring revenue

What do REVTEK Portfolio customers have in common?

  • Predictable Recurring Revenue with minimal customer attrition
  • Product or service that is price inelastic
  • High gross profit typically in excess of 50%
  • Low fixed expenses
  • Early stage emerging growth

Funded 30+ Growing Technology Entrepreneurs

As an intermediary, I have had the opportunity of working with the Principals regarding the financing needs of operating companies which I represent. They are very proficient at, being able to "Peel the Onion Back" in analyzing a particular financing need to come up with solutions that would meet the needs of my clients seeking financing. With it being a flat organization, you are always talking directly with the decision makers who are very responsive in their communication of: How to get to a deal or we do not see this fitting into our lending model.

Thunderbird Corporate Finance, LLC

RevTek Capital has evolved into more than a financial partner for our company. While their financial acumen is evident early on, the long term benefit RevTek Capital offers is the ability to dig into the operations side of your business and offer a fresh perspective or a new connection that can further your business. If you're getting started and want a big value add to your financing, RevTek Capital is an excellent choice.

Apartment Guardian


WISPer Ventures / REVTEK Capital went to bat for us early on and has proven to be a great financial partner throughout our record historical growth. They went the extra mile to really understand our business early on, when other lenders simply wouldn’t.
In addition, they have proven to be much more than a direct financing source by helping us raise additional capital from outside sources to further accelerate our growth.
If you are an early stage company seeking growth capital with an objective to minimize dilution, WISPer/REVTEK is the perfect choice.



Increase the cash flow to
your business

while retaining control at the same time